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So, as you can see, I imported my much-neglected LJ to Dreamwidth. It's been a chance to read over my entries and reflect, as I was basically using my LJ to keep up with my friends list. My profile is so hilariously out of date. I guess it's as good a time as any to do a life update...

1. I'm now a fully qualified secondary school teacher and am working part time at a girls' school. There are ups and downs as there would be anywhere, but generally I'm loving it.

2. I've gotten back into reading in a big way and I'm following several Youtubers who focus on books and book reviews.

3. I'm no longer as fannishly inclined as I used to be. I haven't written fic in over a year and I don't read much fic either since I got back into reading several novels a month. The last time I had a fandom slump like this it took falling into another fandom to get me out of it. Maybe that will happen. I'm still into the MCU but I feel pretty burnt out on the canon and the fandom became such a nasty place for a while. Send me back to 2012, at least then we only had the annoying Loki fans and Superfamily to deal with.

4. That said, I get hit with major Sailor Moon feels every few months, it seems. I will take this fandom and Haruka/Michiru to the graaaaaaaave. I know Crystal got renewed, but I don't know when it will be airing. Hopefully this June, like previous seasons. *fingers crossed*

5. There's... not really much to say. I'm working, I'm still with The Boyfriend, my life is finally at a point where it feels pretty stable. But I do feel like there's something missing, like on the days where I'm not working I'm sort of... drifting. Maybe it's the absence of fandom? I definitely feel like I need some sort of personal project or goal outside of work. Every year I go in with lofty ambitions, and then I just drift from place to place.
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